SQL Explorer Star Fork

SQL Explorer aims to make the flow of data between people fast, simple, and confusion-free. Quickly write and share SQL queries in a simple, usable SQL editor, preview the results in the browser, share links to download CSV files, and keep the information flowing! Explorer values simplicity, intuitive use, unobtrusiveness, stability, and the principle of least surprise.

Django Spinklers

Django Sprinklers imposes structure on Celery jobs that perform asynchronous processing of Django models. Using this wrapper you get bulletproof async tasks, and consistent logging. Avoid fiddly bits of Celery code and focus on writing and testing your business logic.

Django Segments

Slice and dice your users into SEGMENTS using arbitrary SQL queries. Use it for targeting marketing offers to certain users, building mailing lists, identifying "good" vs. "bad" customers, feature-flaggin, or just about anything else you can think of. CLI

A Clojure CLI application to bulk upsert records into


In conjunction with David Chudzicki. Using the techniques in How to Project Customer Retention by Fader & Hardie (2006) , & an implementation of those techniques by JD Maturen, Retentionizer will visualize projected retention rates for each cohort and calculate the LTV. Try it!