Hi! I'm Chris. I'm a technologist living in San Francisco and co-founder of Grove Collaborative. Over the years I've written a number of articles about software, technology, and teams. I hope you'll find some of them useful.

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Building Software and Building Bridges

We have a problem. People can't get from one area of town to a neighboring area because there is a river in between and no road. So let's build a bridge.


No Bugs != Quality

A low bug count is not a good indicator of quality software. Lack of typos and grammatical errors is not indicative of a quality book.

If your software has nagging "quality problems", driving the open bug count to zero probably won't be much help (not least because it only ...


Localization (or: Localisation) Tip

I just learned something from our documentation team: Try to avoid using gerunds in UI text because they are difficult to localize & translate. While they certainly aren't a challenge for great translators, I'm told they can be misinterpreted by mediocre translators - like the ones that outsourced translating services ...


How to Improve Chrome Web App Adoption

There was big news in the browser world this month, as Google's Chrome browser eclipsed Firefox's market share, making is the #2 most popular browser in the world. Google's goals with regard to Chrome have always been clear. As Peter Kasting, a founding member of the Chrome ...


DOET Shower

I stayed at a friend's apartment a few weeks ago. It is difficult to describe the decor, but if my grandmother and Master P were forced to collaboratively design an apartment, his place is what you might get.